Standard Questionnaires

Thornhill offers a selection of tested off-the-shelf 360° leadership questionnaires for different management levels. Please see the following fact sheets to determine which questionnaire would best suit your needs:

  • First Line Manager: This entry level management questionnaire is an efficient way to get effective feedback for junior managers in your organisation.
  • Thornhill Leadership Survey: This questionnaire is designed for use with leaders at middle to senior management level.
  • Senior Leadership Survey: This questionnaire is for leaders at senior management level responsible for a business or business unit.
  • General Management Survey: This questionnaire reflects the particular behaviours expected of general managers at executive level.
  • Human Resource Manager: This specialist questionnaire is for senior HR professionals.
  • Leading Women Survey: This questionnaire is designed specifically for women leaders.

We also offer more specialised solutions for specific circumstances:

  • Team Performance Review: This questionnaire enables teams to review how effectively they are operating, as well as provide feedback to each other on their contributions and the roles they play.
  • Surveys: We provide access to three standard surveys (Engagement, Climate and Diversity) which can be customised to meet your specific needs.
  • Governing Body Assessment: A process for a board of directors or other governing body to assess its performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Screening tool: An online system to screen applicants for management search or development programmes and business school courses, combining the application, recommendations and testing in one convenient package.
  • Senior Succession Planning: To assess the development needs of senior leadership candidates and to measure progress over time.
  • Election Process: An independent, auditable, quick and accurate online election process, in multiple rounds.

360° Demos

  • Demo 360° Questionnaire: A demo of our online questionnaire system. This allows you to add yourself as a rater for Josephine Demo and complete the questionnaire. The particular views raters are shown can depend on their category – for example to see how Managers can be asked to waive their anonymity, as well as select priority items for the participant’s development, select your relation to the participant as “This person reports to me” when prompted.
  • Demo 360° Report: A demo of the individual report a participant would receive, including charts of scores obtained for each dimension, identification of strengths and development areas, development tips and learning objectives, and a personal development plan. (Note some content has been redacted – please contact us if you require more details).


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