Feedback Coaching

Individual Feedback 

Making effective use of the feedback received is as important as collecting it. Thornhill’s team of leadership development experts can help recipients of feedback interpret and act on their reports.

A key component of the 360° process is correct management of how feedback is communicated. The report feedback provides a valuable opportunity for individual developmental coaching and works best when combined with insightful feedback facilitation.

As per best practice and in order to gain maximum learning from the feedback process, it is recommended that the contents of the report are debriefed one-on-one with the participant by a qualified HR practitioner/coach. This facilitator will go through the report with the participant to explain how to interpret the feedback, to manage emotional responses, and to guide the creation of a personal development plan (PDP). Correct understanding of the results and the necessary action steps required is crucial for a successful development process.

After the initial feedback facilitation session, we encourage participants to continue the development conversation with their managers because it relates to their development within the workplace environment. Also, it is important for participants to have support for their behavioural change effort as well as an accountability partner during their development journey, and the manager could provide this support for the participant.

A Second Touch boosts results. About 90 days after the initial debrief session, it is recommended that at least one follow-up session takes place with the coach in order to discuss progress on the PDP, make adjustments if necessary, and to embed learnings and insights. This Second Touch commitment encourages participants to maintain their focus on the action required to achieve the desired results.

Thornhill can facilitate feedback either onsite or online, and this can be done individually or in a group setting. We can also provide feedback facilitation training if required.

When the individual reports are ready, Thornhill typically recommends the following feedback facilitation process. The participant:

  • has a one-on-one feedback coaching session with a Thornhill coach
  • drafts his/her PDP based on the important areas identified in the report
  • discusses and agrees the PDP action steps with his/her manager
  • submits the completed and approved PDP to his/her manager and the Thornhill coach
  • has a 90-day follow-up (Second Touch) session with the coach to discuss progress on the PDP, and to embed learnings and insights
  • has a follow-up session with his/her manager to evaluate progress and discuss any further feedback.

Development tips and suggestions in the individual reports are created with Kolb’s Learning Cycle in mind. They are based on adult learning principles, which encourage both reflection and application in order to help guide improvement. This approach is supported during the feedback facilitation process.

Individual feedback coaching can be a critical success factor in the 360° process.

Feedback coaching is a personalised process which enables personal growth and improved performance, through bringing the participant into alignment with his/her goals while connecting these goals to the needs of the client organisation.

A feedback coaching conversation can help a participant to receive the feedback more openly, understand his/her thinking and emotions, and how these may lead to behaviours which can either enhance or hinder performance.

Please note that these conversations are confidential, so any feedback from Thornhill to the organisation will be agreed beforehand.

Thornhill has a pool of highly qualified psychologists and coaches with a range of skills and competencies, and we select the individuals who are most appropriate for the project. Final selection of coaches will depend on availability.

Team/Group Feedback

In addition to individual feedback coaching sessions, a team feedback session in which the overall team/group results shown in the Group Summary Report are discussed may also be valuable in order to develop organisational objectives.

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