Why Thornhill?

  • Thornhill has an excellent track record
  • We have years of experience in leadership development
  • Our products and services have been used successfully in a broad spectrum of businesses
  • We can create questionnaires and reports to meet your specific needs, branded with your logo
  • Thornhill’s tried and tested clear final reports provide reliable results that can be used with confidence
  • We provide personal development plan templates and tips which help to focus action steps to achieve results
  • We help leaders gain insight into how their self-perception differs from that of raters, which is critical for effective leadership
  • Our questionnaires provide extensive coverage of all aspects of leadership and key competencies required of effective managers
  • Our feedback process allows managers to understand what skills are required in the job role and what behaviours lead to success
  • We offer both standard and bespoke solutions
  • Our multi-rater system allows for translation into any language
  • Our feedback coaching service is a key component to maximise the outcome of the process
  • We only charge for participants receiving feedback. There is no charge for the raters providing feedback
  • Thornhill provides the option of tracking improvement over time when comparing pre and post administrations
  • We offer a cost effective, convenient, confidential and quick way to get effective feedback for leaders at different levels
  • We combine professional organisational psychology insight with innovative software development and administration expertise
  • We enable the identification of strengths and development areas, so strengths can be used as resources to improve effectiveness
  • We use automated processes to provide an affordable service, combined with prompt and efficient expert support from our team

Key Strengths

Our business model has several key strengths:

  • Affordable: we use online automated processes as far as possible, in order to keep costs to you low
  • Supportive: our great admin team supports you through each step of implementing a project in your company
  • Professional insight: we combine software development with professional organisational psychology insight
  • Choice of off-the-shelf or custom solutions: we can create questionnaires and reports to meet your specific needs, branded with your logo

We are dedicated to collecting and collating high-quality confidential feedback based on informed consent. As such, ensuring the privacy of participants and raters, and the confidentiality of the information provided is vital to us.


This is what we live by, so please hold us accountable to it.

Our values are:


Integrity comes first because we will not allow anything to compromise our commitment to acting ethically and responsibly for the good of humanity.


Impact comes next, because we choose to make a positive difference in people’s lives through the nature of our work. Our social impact comes both from building a sustainable business to grow our capacity to have this impact, and also by giving 10% of profits before tax to projects.


We seek to be the best at what we do, and in particular commit to accuracy, because the results we produce can influence the self-concept of the people we serve.

Customer Service

We strive to provide a service that exceeds expectations in quality, speed and helpfulness.  To do this we go beyond what the client asks for when we notice additional ways in which we can help them achieve their goals.  We prefer not to take on something we cannot do unusually well.


We love doing new things and drawing on the latest, coolest technology, together with cutting edge, research-validated content.  We want to contribute to knowledge by publishing findings in our field.

Team Respect

We have created in our team a community that makes work fun through being supportive and friendly.  Wherever possible we choose projects that are enjoyable and fulfilling for our staff and decline projects that abuse them.

Contact Us

Please let us know how we can help you become more effective and fulfilled at work.

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