What We Do 

The Purpose of Thornhill Associates is to help people become more effective and fulfilled
at work through providing technology-supported methods for personal development.

Thornhill Associates focuses on online multi-rater feedback systems.  We have been offering 360° solutions to companies, business schools, consultants and coaches since 2003, and background web services to clients who offer their own multi-rater feedback processes using the Thornhill system on the Thornhill server. Over this period we have successfully administered over 820 000 questionnaires to individual participants.

The majority of our clients are based in South Africa, but Thornhill has also served clients in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our system allows for translation of questionnaires into any language.

The core competencies of Thornhill support its core business of customising online multi-rater systems for client organisations, almost exclusively for the purposes of management development.  The competencies include software development, organisational psychology and online administration of questionnaires.  The blend of software, psychology and administration expertise in a small team allows Thornhill to listen closely to the needs of client organisations and create highly customised solutions.

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