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Bethany Home

Thornhill Associates is a proud sponsor of Bethany Home, which is a home and place of rehabilitation for abused women and their children.

The abused women usually arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back in a state of absolute hopelessness and helplessness. Bethany Home’s mission is to create a caring environment in which these women and children find God’s love, healing and teaching, and to re-integrate each woman back into society with a restored sense of dignity.

Their vision statement is: “To create a caring environment in which abused women and their children find healing through God’s love.”

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Thornhill Associates has been the major sponsor of BizSchool and provided funding since BizSchool started in 2008.

BizSchool arose from a desire to facilitate the transition from school to work, and thereby help address the problem of unemployment and the lack of basic business and financial skills in South Africa’s out of school youth.

Their mission statement is: “Equipping young people to enter the world of work with the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to excel and be fulfilled!”

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