Our Multi-Rater System

What makes the Thornhill 360° feedback system different? Take a look through this step by step breakdown to see exactly how Thornhill’s services will work for you.

1. Questionnaire and Report 

Option 1: Adapt an existing 360° instrument 

Thornhill has a library of existing 360° questionnaires, designed to examine the performance of the leader in a number of competencies. Our staff has expertise in management development and assessment, and can assist in customising a questionnaire to your specific needs.

Option 2: Provide a questionnaire of your own 

If you already have a feedback instrument you wish to use, we are able to administer it using our system. We will work with you to ensure that it will work effectively. Furthermore, we can develop a report format which produces the sort of feedback that you desire, using a variety of report elements.

2. Branding

All emails, the questionnaire administration interface, as well as all reports, can be branded with your logo and colours.

Alternatively, for smaller administrations, we can use generic Thornhill branding, saving time and cost.

3. Rater Details

Option 1: Participants select their own raters: 

If you want the participants in the 360° to select those who will give them feedback, then send us an Excel spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of the participants. The system will send them an email on your behalf, inviting them to participate and forward the email to the raters of their choice. The email contains a web address, and when the raters click on the web address, they will be taken to the questionnaire for the participant for whom they are providing feedback.

Option 2: You select the raters for each participant in advance: 

You can pre-determine the raters by sending us an Excel spreadsheet with the names, email addresses, and categories of all raters for each participant. The system will then generate an email on your behalf, inviting them to give feedback to the participant, and providing a personalised web address with which to submit feedback.

All personal details provided will be kept entirely private, and will not be provided to any third party. We will send no email to anyone that is not directly related to the questionnaire that is being administered.

Option 3: Participants select their own raters through our online system: 

Participants are sent a link giving them access to our online system, where they can enter the names and email addresses of their raters. The chosen raters are then emailed from the Thornhill system with a personalised link that allows them to complete feedback on the participant.

4. Administration

Our system will send an email with details of the questionnaire to each rater. The email will include a web address (URL), specific to that person, which will allow him/her to complete the questionnaire securely. Responses are kept entirely private. The leader receiving feedback can be notified of who has responded to the questionnaire at any point, but will not be able to see the individual responses.

Have a look at a sample questionnaire administration page.

5. Report Generation

Reports can be generated in real time, meaning that responses can be received right up to the moment the report is required. Reports can be sent directly to the participants via email, or we can provide access for a designated administrator from your side to a password-protected administration website. This site enables the administrator to generate and print reports, as well as view details of who has completed the questionnaire.

Have a look at a sample report.

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