The value of leadership development at all organisational levels

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It is often said that ‘in order to thrive, organisations need both poetry and plumbing’. In today’s dynamic organisational environment, it is important that leaders are well-equipped in both the poetry dimension (relating to developing and communicating a compelling vision) as well as the plumbing (which relates to the day to day execution and delivery issues).

Effective leaders pay attention to the culture of their organisations. In fact, having great leaders at all levels will undoubtedly impact the culture of the organisation and, regardless of level, all leaders should ideally be culture-champions. This is critical in today’s context, which is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), as cultural issues tend to become most apparent during change.

The ultimate measure of a leader’s effectiveness is the performance of his/her team. When organisations focus their leadership development efforts on only executives and/or senior managers, they miss the opportunity to influence the organisation as a whole. Leadership ought to be viewed as a resource for the entity as a whole because effective leaders at every level equip the entity to outperform its rivals.

Today, leadership development programmes come in all shapes and forms with various promises attached to them. 360° feedback tools have become widely associated with leadership development programmes and research shows that 360° feedback systems enhance the overall reliability of feedback and increase leader-self-awareness.

At Thornhill, our personalised approach to leadership development is based on the ‘head, heart and hands’ model, which ensures that all aspects relating to strategic orientation (head), people leadership (heart) and results-orientation (hands) are rated. In addition, individual and group coaching is offered to assist leaders in developing leadership effectiveness through leveraging their existing strengths and working on their development areas.

Thornhill’s customisable, cost-effective online multi-rater feedback systems cater for 360° leadership feedback at several levels within the organisation. The questionnaires provide extensive coverage of all aspects of leadership and key competencies required of effective managers and leaders at the various organisational levels as follows:

  • First Line Manager (FLM): This entry level management questionnaire is an efficient way to obtain effective feedback for junior managers in your organisation.
  • Thornhill Leadership Survey 3.0 (TLS): This questionnaire is designed for use with leaders at middle to senior management level.
  • Senior Leadership Survey (SLS): This is for leaders at senior management level responsible for a business or business unit.
  • General Management Survey (GMS): This reflects the particular behaviours expected of general managers at executive level.
  • Human Resource Manager (HRM): This specialist questionnaire is for senior HR professionals.

For organisations to realise optimal impact on both poetry and plumbing, it is essential that all levels of leaders are developed and are collaborating within a strong culture and towards a common goal. While good leaders display the rights, the relationships and the results, great leaders have the added benefit of developing others, thereby reproducing great leadership.

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